30 Fool-Proof Examples To Massively Increase Your Real Estate Leads

 You know that '89% of home shoppers use the internet to search for a real estate agent'.

So, you've updated your social media pages, your website, and added properties to listing websites. You're doing everything to build a strong online presence so you can use it to generate real estate leads.

But so is every other realtor and broker. A whopping 91% of realtors use social media to some extent, which means that most of you are using the same strategies to find potential clients. Bad idea.

To have an edge over all others, you need to think out of the box. And that's where quizzes come in. They're fun, they spread like wildfire, and they get targeted leads.

According to OkDork, 8 of the top 10 most shared articles in the past 8 months were quizzes.

Several savvy realtors, like Kevin and Jonathan of the San Francisco Real Estate Professionals, have already jumped on this bandwagon and are using quizzes to get ultra-specific leads and increase their potential clients.

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So, how can you use quizzes to amplify your real estate business? Let's find out.

Different kinds of quizzes to get your creative juices flowing

Now that you've decided to include quizzes in your content marketing plan, you need to work out what kind of quiz will get you the best results.

But with hundreds of different quizzes floating around on the internet, how do you choose the right type?

Let's make this easy for you. There are 3 basic kinds of quizzes. Trivia quizzes, personality quizzes and knowledge based quizzes. Each of these serve a different purpose and cater to a specific audience.

I'll discuss each in detail below.

1. Trivia

Trivia quizzes are easy to create and easier to participate in. They're fun, the questions are general, results are hilarious, and they're viral worthy. This quiz type will attract all kinds of people; from an eager home buyer to your long-lost cousin in Arizona.

Buzzfeed's a master at creating highly engaging trivia quizzes. One of it's most famous quizzes, "What City Should You Actually Live In?" got 500,000 views in just the first 22 hours. It was an instant hit and promoted Buzzfeed far and wide.

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If you're new in this business, you're not exactly sure who your target audience is and your aim is to just increase your email list, this quiz type will work perfectly for you. It will give you a general idea of what your audience wants and allow you to shape your offers around that.

If even one of your trivia quizzes goes viral, your email list will increase massively and you'll get a plethora of new potential clients.

Learn from these 10 trivia real estate quiz examples and create some fun ones yourself.

  1. How many real estate terms can you correctly define?
  2. Do you know all the best attraction places in the area?
  3. What kind of home will make you the happiest?
  4. How savvy are you about real estate?
  5. Guess the correct term if you're a real estate genius.
  6. How much do you know about mortgages?
  7. Which of these weird Texan laws are real?
  8. Can you match the house to the popular TV shows?
  9. How much Orange County trivia do you know?
  10. First time home-buyer? Find out your financial color.

2. Personality

You have a broad target market and you want to get ultra specific about who you want to work with. You know it's people who want to buy a house, but what kind of house? Which neighborhood? How much do they know about that neighborhood? Are they even ready to buy one, or are they just looking to rent?

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If this is where you're at, a personality quiz is the right quiz type for you. It leverages people's need to talk about themselves and they give away vital information about themselves in this process.

You can compile this information and start nurturing leads right away.

When they opt in, send them a series of emails to engage with them. This isn't the time to hard-sell. Interact with them. Convince them that you're the best with informational emails (white papers, guides on neighborhoods, mortgages, etc.) Encourage questions and discussions. Turn them into a community.

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You can find a list of great email templates here.

Here are 10 examples of real estate personality quizzes that you can copy.

  1. What kind of home buyer are you?
  2. How smart a home buyer are you?
  3. What kind of neighborhood would suit you?
  4. Are you a condo, apartment or a house kinda family?
  5. Are you a real estate expert?
  6. What's your home style?
  7. Should I rent or should I buy? Take this quiz before you think about moving to your next place!
  8. Will I qualify to purchase a home? Take the quiz and find out your likelihood today!
  9. Should I keep renting or buy my first home?
  10. Are you making these 7 critical mistakes that home buyers generally make?

3. Knowledge

Your target audience is home owners eager to sell or buy their new home. They're prepped and primed, and just looking for the right real estate agent to seal the deal. This is where you come in, armed with your knowledge quizzes. New Call-to-action

Knowledge based quizzes are ultra-specific to your audience. Not everyone will participate in them. Not everyone will be attracted to them. But, if you've done your audience research right and know exactly who you're targeting, these quizzes can get you a ton of valuable information.

Use these quizzes to segment participants based on their,

  • Urgency level,
  • The exact kind of house they're looking for,
  • How prepped are they to buy or sell their home,
  • Etc.

Once you send them their results, you can take them to a sign up form where they can schedule a call, appointment or a meeting with you to discuss their options.

You can personalize your offers for each of your groups and hard-sell them.

I've listed 10 knowledge quiz examples below to help you nail your next quiz.

  1. Is your credit score good enough to buy a home?
  2. How good of a credit score do you need to purchase a home? Take the quiz and find out if you are ready and how you can raise your credit score!
  3. Home buyer readiness assessment.
  4. Are you prepared to sell your home in the next 30 days?
  5. Do you know these 5 strategies to attract buyers for FREE to your home?
  6. House not selling? Find out if your realtor is doing everything they can to sell for top dollar.
  7. Are you ready to buy a home this year?
  8. How likely is your property to rent in the next 30 days?
  9. How fast will your home sell and for how much?
  10. Are you asking your real estate agent these 10 critical questions?

If Buzzfeed can do it, so can you.

As Mark Wilkie, CTO of Buzzfeed, says, "To (CEO) Jonah (Peretti)’s credit, he was tenacious about quizzes. And we just kept tweaking it, it would languish for a while, and we’d keep tweaking it–and eventually it got to the point where quizzes just exploded.”

The key to generating business through quizzes is to keep testing, tweaking and working at it. Don't give up if the first two quizzes fail. Keep at it. You'll eventually discover what works for your audience and it will boost your business massively.

If you're ready to get started using quizzes to generate real estate leads, here are six free real estate templates you can start using today!

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