Site Analysis Essentials: 4 Best Free SEO Audit Tools

Ah, SEO – the neverending love-hate battle with search engines and our brands. Whether you love your rank or are trying to get it to the top sooner than later, optimizing websites to ensure they are SEO friendly is easily one of the most major components in the digital marketing workflow.

Gaining valuable insight and making sense of SEO data doesn’t have to be an incredibly costly ordeal, though. In fact, there are many free website SEO audit tools that we use here at Yazamo for quick insight and encourage clients to use as well. Today, we’re going to share some of our favorites with you!

1) Favorite Quick Tool: MozBar

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes researching SEO, you’re already more than familiar with the search powerhouse Moz. MozBar is their web extension toolbar that makes getting instant insight into a page’s SEO performance a breeze.

The toolbar gives at a glance data that includes the specific page’s Domain Authority and Page Authority (both are metrics on a 100 point scale that indicates the level of potential to rank in a SERP), social media metrics and number of backlinks to that page.

This is the easiest, quickest tool for getting SEO performance insight on ANY website you’re surfing through. Hint: This means it’s easy to check out your competition’s search authority level, investigate their backlinking strategies and more.

Get the free version of MozBar here.


2) Screaming Frog

When we were searching for more in-depth free SEO audit tools, we came across an interesting program called Screaming Frog. If you’re looking for large amounts of the most informative data about your site without spending a dime, this is it. Instead of simply being an audit, Screaming Frog performs more of an entire site analysis, and the data it outputs is in terms of SEO red flags.

This isn’t going to be the most glamorous tool you use, but it’s seriously powerful and gives you more data than you’d need to get a great starting point for optimization. It’s free with a cap of 500 different URLs, and is installable to your computer for faster crawls than a web app!

Get it here.

3) MySiteAuditor

This free tool is a top favorite among digital marketers for a few different reasons. The most prevalent is that it can be embedded into a website to help generate leads in place of a contact lead capture form. Instead of a normal form, leads enter their website URL to be audited and an email address. This two-in-one tool delivers powerful reports and if applied to a site, can be a great addition to your list building strategy.

Their scoring system is completely in alignment with the ranking algorithm used by Google, however, it runs on a bit of a different system than Moz’s Page and Domain Authority model. Instead, the pages are scored by a percentage according to the algorithm and just like getting a grade on a test, your percentage indicates how much you’re doing well.

MySiteAuditor is free for an unlimited number of audits, and has the ability to audit specific web pages instead of crawling an entire domain like Screaming Frog. Remember, Google rates and ranks specific landing pages, not just the website. That insight will guide your improvements much more than the entire site analysis.

Find MySiteAuditor right here.

4) SEO Report Card from UpCity

Here’s one more awesome free tool you can make use of, coming to us from UpCity. Now, note that you do have to give over a bit of contact information for this one (name, email, phone, the usual) but the return is well worth it. UpCity is well-known for their work with small businesses, and this tool is a great sample of what a complete, full-scale audit could shed light on.

The Report Card sent to you is super visual and gives instant, actionable tips of ways you can improve your SEO score immediately. It gives overviews of performance in Search Rank, Link Building/Backlinking, Accessibility and On-Site Content.

Check it out here.

Bonus site analysis Tool #1: Linkio

Doing off-site SEO audits is just as import as onsite so you can use Linkio to review your backlinks and determine your anchor text percentages. This helps you catch red flags earlier and also helps you determine the path forward for how to build your next link.
Check it out here.

Bonus site analysis Tool #2: Linkody

Looking for Free Website Authority Checker? Look no further – Linkody is here to save the day. Their authority checker is easy to use, gives you all the necessary metrics, and it’s Free.

For a bit more advanced SEO experts, here are the metrics Website Authority Checker by Linkody will show you:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Spam Score
  • Citation Flow (CF)
  • Trust Flow (TF)
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Number of referring domains (follow/nofollow)
  • Number of gov and edu backlinks

If you are ready to check the authority of every site on the web – go get ’em, tiger.

The tool is here.

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