5 Clever Ways To Find Quiz Ideas Your Audience Will Love

After Buzzfeed’s stupendous success with quizzes, you decide to add quizzes to your marketing plan, as well. It’s been working pretty well for other brands, so you want to give it a try.

But a successful quiz requires a great topic. One that that your audience can’t help but click. So, you think and think of a perfect quiz topic. Does A sound better or B? Or maybe you should think of another one. You’re confused. What would attract your audience? Compel them to participate in it and make it viral.

Well, why not directly ask them? In a subtle way, of course.

There are several platforms in the online world where your target audience gathers and discusses queries, wins and other frivolities related to work. By tapping into those places and using other strategies you can not only make a list of quiz topics that’ll resonate epic-ly with your audience, but also use them to validate your own ideas.

Different kinds of quizzes

However, before we dive deep into the different audience-stalking opportunities available to us, I’d like to give you some basic information about quizzes. There are several different types of quizzes, but we can classify them into 3 broad categories.

  1. Personality quiz
  2. Trivia quiz
  3. Knowledge quiz

No one quiz type is better than the rest. They all serve different purposes, and it all depends on your marketing goals and your audience.

For example, when GothRider used personality quizzes, such as ‘Which famous biker are you?’, they went viral and generated tons of great lead – over 75,813 to be precise.

On the other hand, when Rejuv medical used knowledge quizzes, such as their Hormone Imbalance quiz, it didn’t get a huge amount of hits, but it boosted their business. They got 947 leads, 15 new patients and $18,000 in revenue through it.

So, once you create a list of potential quiz topics and outline your goals for this marketing strategy, you can choose the quiz type that’ll work best for you.

How to find alternative quiz ideas?

“Targeting specific niches, fandoms and identities is very important,” said Summer Ann Burton, at Buzzfeed. “People love it when you’re speaking directly to them.”

There are 3 innovative ways to conduct a quiz:

  1. Step 1: Figure out where your audience hangs out.
  2. Step 2: Spy on them and read through their oft-repeated discussion topics.
  3. Step 3: Turn them into a quiz topic.

Now, let’s go over 6 ways to find your audience, spy on them, and come up with creative quiz ideas.

1. Get inside Facebook groups

I created The Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind as a safe and supportive space where new and emerging online business owners can meet, hang out, support each other and be supported so they’re not tempted to give up on their dreams from the get-go.” – Kimra Luna, Founder of The Freedom Hackers Mastermind, a Facebook group with 42,000+ members

With each passing day, entrepreneurs and marketers are understanding the true value of these groups and using them to connect to like-minded individuals. With over 1 billion users, chances are that your target audience hangs out in a couple of these groups, too. You can use them to dig up frequently repeated discussion topics and then re-purpose them into fun quiz ideas.

Step 1: Find the right Facebook groups

There are several ways to find niche Facebook groups where your audience hangs out.

– Write your niche in the search bar and filter groups.

quiz idea research

– Visit your influencers’ Facebook profiles and go through their groups section.

quiz idea research

– Google it

quiz idea research

Step 2: Search for a common problem

Once you’ve joined a couple of groups, look for common discussion topics. Alternatively, you can also search for your niche keywords in the group and go through the discussions that pop through.

So if you’re a health coach, you can search for obese, healthy eating, atkins, etc.

quiz idea research

Going through the discussions, you can come up with some great ideas for quizzes. For example, I came across this great question. You can use it to frame an anti-sugar quiz. Start brainstorming.

  • How good are you at stopping your sugar craving?
  • How many sugar alternatives can you name? You can put up pictures without captions, and ask participants to guess the alternate ingredient.
  • Can you live a sugar-less life?

And so on.

2. Seek help from Q and A platforms

Quora and Reddit are two popular Q and A platforms. You can unearth some great gems through them.

Here’s what you do.

  • Search for your niche and go through the questions and queries that come up.
quiz idea research
  • Go through sub-reddits on Reddit, and topics on Quora to find out often discussed topics in your niche.
quiz idea research

Use these topics as a basis for your quiz. You can go as general or niche-specific as you like through them.

The best part about using this strategy (as well as, Facebook groups) is that you can use your audience’s words in your questions, answers and results. This personalizes your quiz and makes it far more compelling for participants.

3. A spin-off of another quiz

Go through other quizzes in your niche and find elements that you can base your quiz on. The best way to find good quiz ideas in your niche is by Google-ing it.

quiz idea research

  • You can turn one of their interesting questions into a quiz topic. Or even use an answer as a keyword for your quiz.
Quiz idea research

You can easily turn this question into a quiz topic and even use the answers as your results. You’ll need to flesh them out and make them more interesting, but it could work great as a starting point.

  • Offer a different angle, or change the wordings.
quiz idea research

For example, if a quiz is ‘Are you addicted to sugar?’, turn it into ‘Are your sugar cravings getting completely out of control?’, ‘On a scale of 1 – 10, where does your sugar addiction lie?’, ‘Are you a sugar fiend?’, ‘Do you have a healthy relationship with sugar?’ and so on.

4. Popular blogs in your niche

Niche blogs run by influencers can be a great way to source quiz ideas. You can use Google or Buzzsumo to find popular blogs in your niche.

quiz idea research

And then once you’ve made a list of them, start your quiz-topic-hunting process. There are 3 easy ways to do that.

– Blog posts: Go through their blog posts. Can you turn any of them into a quiz topic? Can you offer a different angle of them to turn them into a quiz topic?

– Blog’s Popular Categories: Click on their category header and look through them. If you’re aiming for a general quiz, you can easily use one of the categories as a base for your quiz.

Quiz Idea Research

Brainstorm and come up with a few topics. Like,

  • Are you a workout-aholic?
  • How motivated are you towards healthy eating?
  • Find out what workout program is best for your personality?

And so on. Add these keywords in your other quiz titles or other people’s quizzes, and viola, you have a new quiz topic.

5. Alltop

Altop is a news aggregation website. It is also a very useful idea-generating tool that not many people know about.

Search for your niche in the search bar, and it will pop up a whole list of popular categories in this niche.

Quiz idea research

Click on the one that strikes your fancy. And then Alltop will bring up the trending news in this niche from all across the digital world. Literally, all the popular news in your niche is at your fingertips.

Quiz idea research

Use this wealth of information to create quiz topics. Just from the top of my mind, here are a few,

  • How many metabolism myths can you bust?
  • How healthy is your 6 months old child?
  • How physically inactive are you?

Super easy, right?

Some coveted advice from the Royal Highness of the Quiz World, Buzzfeed

“There are a couple things that tend to work really well, like guessing something about the person’s actual desires or attributes. “What Age Are You, Really?”, “What City Should You Actually Live In?” and “What Career Should You Actually Have?” are three of our four biggest quizzes. Another thing that works really well is tapping into a fandom. People who self-identify as dog people or as “Friends” fans get really excited about “What Kind Of Dog Are You?” and “Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You?”. I think everybody plays that game, in their heads or with their friends already. So they want to see what an objective source is going to tell them. “

Summer Anne Burton, Executive Creative Producer at BuzzFeed

Quizzes can be huge revenue boosters, but

… coming up with a great quiz idea is difficult at first. However, if you want to learn how to make a quiz more interesting, the solution is to keep brainstorming, and keep writing ideas. Don’t think too much about an idea initially. Keep writing everything you come up with. You can then fine tune them into an amazing topic.

So brainstorm away!

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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