5 Crucial Reasons You Need to Create Your Own Quiz in 2017

You’ve seen different kinds of quizzes floating on your Facebook timeline. From “Who’s Your Favorite Fashion Guru?” to “Which Marketing Superhero Are You?’, it seems that everyone’s creating quizzes.

It’s obvious why quizzes are so popular online. They’re fun. But, why are brands increasingly using quizzes as a form of content marketing? Can you really use them to skyrocket your business?

Definitely. Here’s how.

1. Quizzes Help Increase Email Subscribers

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey

It’s 2017 and if email marketing still isn’t a core element of your marketing plan, you’re missing out big time. After all, according to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

One of the best ways to increase your email list is by creating your own quiz. Why? Because as Amanda LeClair, Client Resource Manager, says, “Instead of just mindlessly reading or scrolling through a blog article or eBook, quizzes command attention and force a reader to be actively engaged with the questions in front of them.”

Website Quiz


After you create your own quiz using a quiz creator, you can start building your email list. Before unveiling the results, your CTA button should take them to a short form requiring their email address and name.

Quiz Lead Capture


Lewis Howes, professional athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur, did exactly that. He grew his email list a whopping 42% through the quiz “Which Celebrity Entrepreneur Are You Most Like?”.


Business Quiz


However, you can’t email them once and forget about them. You need to start an email funnel. Warm up these cold leads.

The email funnel consists of 4 core emails.

1. Thank you email

Send a personalized email to all the participants thanking them for taking your quiz. Add a personal anecdote or two related to the quiz result to give it a human touch.

For example, if your quiz was on ‘Marketing Superheroes’, you could add in a line about who your favorite superhero is (and a quirky picture of you dressed up like them wouldn’t hurt either!). Similarly, if you created a quiz on ‘The ultimate quiz to determine who do you really like: dogs or cats?’, you could add in a story about your dog.


Autoresponder Email Example


Ask them to share their results if you haven’t done so already. Make it easy for them by adding social media sharing tags in your email.

2. Invite them to take another quiz

Created another quiz? Awesome. Send them an invite asking them to take this other quiz.


Autoresponder Email Example


Within this email, you can also send them a link to some of your newer posts to introduce them to your brand.

3. Case Studies Time

Now you need to build trust.

In the next email, send them raving case studies and testimonials. Tell them why people like you. Add images of your clients and customers along with their quotes. Add a link to your case studies page if you have one.

You can even invite them to your Facebook LinkedIn Google+ groups or any other online communities you run in this email.

4. Turn them into customers

Your subscribers know and trust your brand by now. It’s time to turn them into paying customers. We’ll discuss more about this in the second point.

2. Quizzes Turn Leads Into Potential Customers

A viral quiz means a huge number of participants.

According to Buzzfeed, 96% of participants finish Buzzfeed sponsored quizzes. The more participants there are, the bigger your email list will get.

But what good is that email list if it doesn’t turn leads into customers?

We’ve already talked about warming up your cold participants through a series of emails. Now you need to turn them into potential customers.

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care, decided to use quizzes to increase their sales. They created a quiz, ‘What’s Your Skin Score?” and added it to traffic-heavy pages on their website; the blog pages and the main page.

Website Quiz Lead Capture

They offered 4 irresistible incentives to everyone who opted in;

  • A sample skin care kit for only $10
  • Free shipping
  • A free eBook called The Toxic Free Home Guide
  • A $10 coupon towards their next purchase

Within 2 months, they generated over $200,000 in new sales.

3. Quizzes Can Boost Your Sales Volume

Not into email marketing at the moment?

No problem. You can still create your own quiz and use it to get more customers.

If you’re an eCommerce business or a brand that sells products and courses, you can,

  • Offer the product on the results page with an incentive
  • Offer a short training, link to your upcoming webinar, or a course on the results page
  • Send the participants to the sales page when they ask for their results

The incentive can be anything from a discount on the product for all the quiz participants and free shipping, to a freebie.

However, in this case, the quiz needs to be ultra-relevant to your products. If you sell apparel, your quiz needs to be about clothes trivia or brands that sell apparel. For example, ‘Which Fashion Designer are You?’, or ‘Which type of jeans are you?’. The results can then take them to that product.

This is exactly what Fit Father Project did.

Anthony Balduzzi, founder of Fit Father Project (FFP), created a diagnostic quiz ‘Are You A Fit Father?”. Once the participants got their results, he sent them to a training specific to their result, which doubled as a sales video. On the sales page, FFP turned cold leads into warm ones by offering them irresistible offers to sign up right away.

Quizzes for sales


It worked so well that it generated over 15,000 leads and created a wildly profitable sales funnel.

4. Quizzes Can Get You More Clients

Clients are the crux of every business. No clients mean no moolah.

Several businesses and entrepreneurs have increased their clientele base massively through quizzes and other forms of interactive content.

Integrative Healthcare is one such brand.

They created an ultra-relevant quiz for their audience, ‘Could You Have a Thyroid Problem?’. After the participants completed the quiz, they were taken to the results page. Along with their results, they were asked to sign up for a consultation at Integrative Healthcare’s Scottsdale office.

Health Lead Generation Quiz


Now here’s the twist. Just for requesting their consult they received,

  • Free consultation ($159 value)
  • Free hand-signed copy of Dr Christianson’s book ($29.97 value)
  • Free 96-food intolerance test ($497 value) – if they became a patient


Integrative Healthcare received 40-60 new consult requests per month, and closed 57% of them into new clients worth $1200/year.

On the results page, you can ask participants to

  • Sign up for free consultation
  • Get on a free 30 min call
  • Book a meeting, Skype call, etc.

Be creative and compelling with your offers. Don’t shy away from trying something new or giving away too much to potential customers.

5. Quizzes Help You Form and Promote Facebook Groups

With over 1 billion users using Facebook Groups, it’s obvious that marketers are quickly catching on that Facebook groups is the place to be.

Daniel Di Piazza, founder of Rich20Something Facebook Group with 15,000 members, said “Facebook is already doing all of the work to make people coming back to their platform and so my little corner of the world might as well be there as well. I made a hard push to make the Facebook Group one of the first things that people saw when they interacted with me.”

Facebook groups are close-knit communities with high engagement levels. This is why many marketers are migrating towards them and using them to build and nurture a potential customer base. If you’re one of them, you can create your own quiz and use it to drive people towards your group.

There are 3 simple ways to do that. After participants complete the quiz,

  • Send them to your group through the results page. Ask them to share their results with others in the group.
  • Ask them to opt in, and then introduce them to your community via email.
  • Before telling them the results, ask them to join your community. Make it a prerequisite.

Decided To Include Quizzes In Your 2017 Marketing Plan?

Great decision.

Quizzes are quickly becoming a go-to tool for all content marketers. With the right quiz creator you can create a plethora of successful quizzes with ease. LeadQuizzes is one such tool. It offers a multitude of quiz templates to choose from and is very easy to set up. There’s a lot of hand-holding too, so if you get easily flustered with the technical bits, LeadQuizzes is the perfect quiz creator for you!

Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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