Alaskan Fisherman to $20M eCommerce Business: The Vital Choice Story

What do you do when your tried-and-true business model collapses? Randy Hartnell spent 17 years fishing in Alaska. When industry demands shifted and he couldn’t meet payroll, he had to make a change. He decided to start Vital Choice, shipping wild salmon by mail to consumers. Today, Vital Choice generates $20M a year. Listen and find out how you can get through challenging times and subsequently grow your business.

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  • What gave Randy the capabilities that he needed to be successful with Vital Choice? [02:20]
  • What made Randy decide to start [04:56]
  • How did Randy get through the challenging and pivotal time for his business? [08:59]
  • What were the steps that Randy took to get Vital Choice off the ground? [10:44]
  • How did Randy tap into influencers to promote his business? [13:30]
  • How much of a help were the influencers to Randy in getting his business to the seven-figure level? [13:59]
  • How does the company get value from going to conferences and tradeshows? [16:22]
  • How did the company grow its revenue from seven figures to eight figures? [20:34]
  • What has Vital Choice done to differentiate their products, drive sales, and build brand loyalty? [21:13]
  • What areas of customer experience does Vital Choice focus on? [22:54]
  • What is the one thing that Randy did that had the biggest impact on Vital Choice’s growth? [26:42]
  • What is Randy’s number one recommendation for selecting a partner? [27:42]
  • What is Randy’s advice for breaking a ceiling? [30:38]

“To be successful, an idea has to sound crazy, because otherwise, somebody else would have done it.” – Randy Hartnell

“When you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, serendipity tends to happen.” – Randy Hartnell

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Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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