6 Brilliant Examples of how to use CoSchedule

When it comes to marketing tools, there’s very few more powerful than content. Just over 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. The reason is simple: it costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates roughly 3 times as many leads. This has lead to a content explosion, with over 2 million blog posts written every day.


With this much content written, published and shared across the board, it’s easy to see how things can get messy. Even those companies with in-house social media specialists and great content calendars can get lost in what they share. In comes CoSchedule, an excellent marketing calendar solution that helps you sort, schedule and publish your content with ease.

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Founded in 2013, it is CoSchedule’s mission to simplify the content marketing process. They’ve been pretty successful so far, with over 5,000 customers and 100,000 subscribers in more than 100 countries across the world.

Wondering what CoSchedule can do for you? We asked around to see what others are doing to get the most out of this tool. Here are some actionable insights into CoSchedule’s best features, which you can use to boost your content marketing efforts.


6 Brlliant ways to use CoSchedule


ville.png Who: Ville Salminen, owner at Cordcutting

Your favorite CoSchedule feature: CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer has been such an integral part of the success of our streaming news and information site Cordcutting.com. According to CoSchedule’s own words, the Headline Analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. That is what we have indeed experienced.

What has CoSchedule done for you: I had a popular Netflix-related site, AllFlicks, and, therefore, a lot of Netflix-related data to use. Our lead writer, Stephen Lovely, wrote articles based on the data I provided him. We published his pieces on Cordcutting.com, and also on AllFlicks, because the latter had a lot of Netflix subscribers as users. In AllFlicks’ pieces we also linked back to Cordcutting.com. We analyzed our headlines carefully using the Headline Analyzer, and when our headlines were optimized we posted our pieces to Reddit. This is how we saw one of our pieces on the first spot of Reddit, on the front page, a couple of hours after we had posted the link: This article ended up generating over 90,000 upvotes, a massive surge in traffic, and some valuable backlinks: We replicated the same strategy again and again, and earned links from, for example, Time.com and The Washington Post. With the Headline Analyzer’s help, we were able to create a site that has become one of the leading cord-cutting resources, with hundreds of thousands monthly page views.


louisa-mcgrath-headshot.jpg Who: LouisaMcGrath, Content Manager at Rebrandly

Your favorite CoSchedule feature: One of my favorite features is the Headline Analyzer. An engaging, eye-catching headline is key to getting people to click through to your blog post. From my experience, after writing an article, I know that the content is quality, but as I’m familiar with all the information it contains, it can be hard to step away and find the perfect headline that will appeal to someone with no prior knowledge of it.

What has CoSchedule done for you: I find CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer adds some science to it by predicting how engaging your headline will be for others. It scores your headline out of 100 based on a number of factors, like length, word balance, keywords and sentiment. While I wouldn’t follow it blindly, I find the length analysis handy – according to the tool headlines of 55 characters tend to get the most click-throughs. When people skim content, they tend to read the first and last three words of a title. The headline analyzer highlights these words so that you can see what words people will glance at when they are browsing through social media. I try to place the most interesting keywords at the start of the headline for this reason. The tool also lets you see how your title will look in Google search results and email subject lines, which is useful too.


bj.jpg Who: Brandon Judd, Social Media Specialist at Concourse Team Express

Your favorite CoSchedule feature: Social Templates – We regularly run sales promotions for multiple brands that are very similar for several days at a time. The social templates I’ve built have saved me hours of tedious work scheduling and composing each social message for each channel. Image/Text Helpers – again, we run similar campaigns for several brands sometimes for full months and the image/text helpers make it so easy to change the images/videos or copy on the fly for all brands I manage.

What has CoSchedule done for you: Higher engagement across all social platforms. It can be difficult and tedious to create fresh content regularly and CoSchedule is like a social media autopilot I can trust. CoSchedule ensures I have content reaching our followers day and night. For us, higher engagement translates to a higher rate of conversions.

A mixture of factors have contributed to our success. While we believe our content is key to our success, CoSchedule has helped us transform our social media strategy by providing knowledge on ideal posting times and formatting posts for optimal engagement.


Heather Cherry headshot bw.jpg Who: Heather Cherry, Communications Specialist at Alliance for Nonprofit Resources

Your favorite CoSchedule feature: Social media post scheduling.

What has CoSchedule done for you: CoSchedule has been a great tool for us at the Alliance for Nonprofit Resources. Before using it, we weren’t active on social media because it consumed too much time.

CoSchedule has helped us streamline our process since we can schedule everything in one place. The most helpful aspect is the ability to schedule several platforms at optimal times. This is revolutionary for me, because I oversee the communications and social media for several organizations. CoSchedule helps me build content in half the time, plus our Facebook engagement has increased by 268 percent! Overall, CoSchedule is an affordable, easy-to-use tool to get everything organized in half the time.


LaurenPawell_800x800.jpg Who: Lauren Pawell, founder and owner at Bixa Media

Your favorite CoSchedule feature: ReQueue – Being able to recycle content AND set specific dates for content that is seasonal is a game changer, especially for clients with less evergreen content. This is something that other social scheduling software has missed the mark on. Content collaboration – When you have multiple individuals working on marketing content, being able to assign tasks and have discussions on a per-project basis keeps everything better organized.

What has Coschedule done for you: This varies per client. Everyone has received a lift in social engagement. However, there have been other positive impacts like: (1) An improved email marketing content calendar… which recently resulted in record-breaking sales for one client’s Cyber week. (2) Better content organization, which means less last-minute planning, more consistency and better lead generation.

CoSchedule gives clients the structure and bird’s eye view they need to be more successful with their content marketing. Plus, they have all the features you need to be successful with the day-to-day execution. In short, CoSchedule allows us to spend less time on content creation and more time on content promotion — which is really the hallmark of a successful content marketing strategy.


Who: Laura Pence Atencio, Radio Show and Podcast Host at Social Savvy Geek

Your favorite CoSchedule feature: Templates.

What has CoSchedule done for you: I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE CoSchedule. Switching to CoSchedule saved my virtual assistant 25 hours per week! Of course, I directed her time toward other tasks. The one feature that makes CoSchedule irreplaceable is its template feature. Once you have published a blog article or podcast and create your social media posting schedule, you save that schedule as a template. The next time you publish a blog article or podcast you simply apply the template, make a few tweaks if you like, and then you are finished! This is a massive time-saver. Once you’re used to this system it makes every other scheduler seem clunky and time-consuming. When combined with the re-queue and social promotion features, CoSchedule has a near-perfect product!

If we’ve convinced you that you should give CoSchedule a try, you can sign up and check it out for free before committing to a paid plan.

Do you have a success story with CoSchedule as well? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free leave a comment with how it improved your marketing efforts.

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