Facebook Custom Audiences: Sell More With Your Email List


Having an email list of people that know, like and trust you, can be one of your biggest assets. For that reason, your email listcan be one of your best sources of traffic.

Well, sometimes email broadcasts aren’t enough to get your list’s attention. You will always have a percentage of your list that you fight to get higher open and click through rates. While remarketing is a great option to increase your engagement and click through rates, sometimes you need to re-engage people on your list who haven’t been to your website in a while.

In this article, I explain how you can run Facebook Ads directly towards people on your email list to drive more webinar sign ups, conference registrations, and increase sales during a product launch.

1. Webinars

Webinars are a great opportunity to make a personal connection with your audiences, while leveraging your time. It’s a great way to sell to your audience but how are you supposed to reach the portion of your list that isn’t evening opening your emails? Well, Facebook allows you to run ads towards specific segments of your email list (like the users who aren’t opening their emails) by importing that list as a Custom Audience. Facebook then finds the corresponding Facebook accounts that are associated with the emails that you import.

Alternatively, you can run an ad towards the email list of confirmed attendees for the webinar. You can then upload this list to Facebook and run an ad asking them to post “Yes” in the comments if they are attending. This leads to several benefits. First of all, this is a great way to build social proof for other attendees and to create some virality for their friends who will see their Facebook activity. Secondly, you are getting them to say yes, which Dr. Robert Cialdini says builds commitment towards them ultimately saying yes to your offer. If that isn’t enough benefit, getting people to comment will also decrease the cost you pay for your ads because Facebook will see your ad as being relevant to your audience.

2. Conferences or Events

If you are holding a conference or event, you can advertise on Facebook to specific lists as well by using Facebook Custom Audiences. Depending on what you are charging for your conference, you may be losing thousands of dollars per registrant because your email may be hitting their spam box, their Gmail Promotion Tab, or simply because they just decided not to open it. Don’t leave your sales to chance when you can get in front of a familiar audience for less than what it would cost to run ads on Google.

Just like the webinar, you can run an ad towards the email list of confirmed attendees for your conference or event. You can then upload this list to Facebook and run an ad to ask if they are attending. Ask them to say what they are most excited about learning or which speaker they are looking forward to hearing from. This may be enough social proof to get their friends sitting on the fence to sign up as well.

3. Product Launches

With product launches, you may have a whole email list of people who haven’t opened your emails or who have opted in to your launch but haven’t bought from you yet. Well, Facebook Custom Audiences can be very effective to get your list of non-buyers to buy from you. Many times, all we have to do is get our list to make a single, small purchase for them to become high paying customers. We like to call this a tripwire purchase because after they make this first purchase, it becomes exponentially easier to sell to them again. In fact, an existing customer is 60-70% more likely to buy than a new prospect, who is only 5-20% likely to buy. I’m sure you see the power that this can add to a product launch especially if your back-end is dialed in.

Using Facebook Custom Audiences

OK, now that you understand the potential behind Facebook Custom Audiences, I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step direction to set up one of these campaigns on your own, today. Let’s get started.

1. Click here to get started on your ad.

2. When prompted, select “Website Conversions”


3. Enter the URL (sales page, registration page, etc.) you want to promote, select the type of conversion you would like to measure, give it a name, and click “Create Pixel”.

4. Follow the directions to place the conversion-tracking pixel on your website or have Facebook email the code to your web developer. Click “Continue”.


5. On the next page, fill out the required fields for your ad. i.e. Image, Text and Links, and select the Call-To-Action button you want to test.

6. Click on “Create a New Custom Audience” then click on MailChimp Custom Audience if you use MailChimp or Data File Custom Audience if you will be importing an email list.

7. If you choose Data File Custom Audience, create a name for this specific audience and a description. Select the option “Emails” from the dropdown and upload your email list in a .txt file with a list of only emails – no names or other data. Then click Create Audience. (It may take a while for Facebook to match your email list with Facebook users).

8. After you’ve uploaded and you’ve clicked “Create Audience”, it should show your Data File in the Custom Audience box. Now if you want to further segment who sees your ad based on location, age, gender, etc. go ahead and do that now.

9. Create your campaign, set your bidding and pricing, and finally click “Place Order”.

10. Make sure you track the results of your ads and test different variations. Once you find an ad that is effective, increase your daily budget and scale up your results!

Now you know exactly how to set up an ad to improve sign-ups and sales for your webinars, conferences, and product launches!

We’re interested to hear how you use custom audiences in your business! If you’ve got some ninja tricks you would like to share, leave us a comment below.

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