How to Massively Grow your Email List using Quizzes

As a marketer and entrepreneur you’ve probably thought of using quizzes, may be currently using them and I can almost guarantee that you’ve taken an online quiz.

But you may not see this as a viable way to grow your email list just yet.

Maybe you are worried the quality of the leads will be low or that you won’t be able to sell from the quiz or actually even capture a lead from it.

All valid concerns because after all quizzes are relatively new and if you already have a way to grow your email list, why would you want to test using quizzes?

I get it, I had the same worries when I first started creating and using quizzes. We had used e-books as a lead magnet for the past few years and they were working great, and I’ve always been told if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

At least that is what I thought.

Luckily I was proven wrong and ever since then quizzes have been a huge part of not only our business, but all of our customers!

Today I want to share with you the different ways we are using quizzes and how they are generating not only leads but sales for our business and hundreds of others!

Website Traffic

Do you currently have a lead magnet on your website? Maybe on your homepage or through a pop up? I bet you do! And you probably know how it is converting right?

Most of the people we have worked with see anywhere from 1-5% of their website traffic going through and opting in for their lead magnet. Of course this depends on the type of traffic you are sending there, but on average this is what we are seeing.

Most of these optins have a pretty great offer behind them, like an e-book and possibly some sort of discount or free consultation that they can take advantage of. And while these are all really great things that you would like they all have one thing in common.

They do not provide immediate personalized feedback.

When I optin for my ebook (a 25 year old female) I end up getting the same ebook as the next guy who opts in (a 52 year old male) and while we may have some things in common, like a desire to learn more about marketing it doesn’t help me to determine which option is right for me.

Now replace that optin with a quiz and move the e-book to the initial thing that you give these optins after the quiz and each person will get personalized feedback based on them. I can now get something different then the next optin and automatically feel like I have a deeper connection with you.

On average when our users replace their current optin lead magnet with a quiz they see a two times increase in the number of website conversions, all without increasing their website traffic!

And that is just one way to grow your list using quizzes.


Blog Posts

Now by a show of hands how many of you have a blog or post to a blog to increase your online presence, produce content or just because you like to?

Obviously I can’t see your hands right now, but I bet the majority of you do!

Blogs are the perfect way to expand on a topic, provide valuable content for new and current followers and to generate leads using quizzes!

The beauty of quizzes is they are completely customizable and you can create them on just about any topic. Including blog posts!

Many of the companies I work with hadn’t realized the full potential of blogs and when we introduced quizzes to them we saw a huge increase in the number of opt ins!

Take for example Annmarie, an organic and natural skincare company. They not only have an amazing skin care line, but they are masters of producing content, including blog posts to engage their customers. Prior to introducing quizzes they were seeing on average a 3% opt in rate from their best performing blog, meaning 3% of the blog traffic was opting in in for their offer. Not bad! But if they could just personalize the opt in a bit more what would happen? They started to create quizzes for their blog posts and sure enough the optin rate rose to 12%! A 400% increase in captures.

And that increase in lead capture resulted in $24,000 in new sales in just 2 months!

They didn’t increase the traffic they were sending to the blogs, they just changed the lead magnet and wa lah.

That’s already two ways that quizzes can grow your email list! But there is another way, a way that hundreds have been using to generate upwards of 35,752 leads in just 3 weeks…


Facebook Advertising

You’ve probably tried your hand at Facebook advertising in the past, whether it is boosting a post or running a full scale campaign with lots of ad spend.

No matter where you are with Facebook advertising you need to start advertising quizzes and quick.

Right now is a rare time with advertising, getting into Facebook now, is like getting into AdWords in the early 2000’s. Costs are still low and those who figure out how to advertise are going to be able to grow their business in a huge way!

Quizzes are perfect for Facebook because they provide immediate feedback and gratification, something that we look to Facebook for. Just think, when you post something to Facebook what do you hope happens?

Most people hope that people see it and like it.

You always have that one person who you never talk to who always likes your stuff and it makes you feel good.

Quizzes are the same way, they are something people are interested in because they tell them more about themselves and provide them with information that they are looking for!

Plus quizzes have a great shareability factor, meaning people love to share them with their friends to see what they got and Facebook is the perfect place for this!

Using Facebook advertising we have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and thousands of sales!

And thanks to Facebook’s advanced targeting you can make sure that your quiz is getting in front of the right audience, which will not only grow your list, but create a tribe of qualified followers and buyers!

Still not convinced that quizzes are the perfect way to grow your email list?

Test it out for yourself and get started on a free 14 day trial with LeadQuizzes! Our team will be happy to help you setup your initial quiz and get you started.


Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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