How Crowdfunding Agency, Command Partners Generated $10M

Crowdfunding agency Enventys Partners (formerly Command Partners) has helped launch over 450 new businesses via crowdfunding campaigns. They’ve helped raise over $150M and last year generated over $10M in revenue. Roy Morejon explains how they did it.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [01:28] How Roy got started with Command Partners
  • [09:58] How they started getting more projects and building their customer base
  • [14:57] Building a team around each project
  • [16:46] Setting client expectations
  • [25:30] How Command Partners merged with Enventys
  • [30:32] How they put systems and processes in place to gain more consistent results
  • [32:16] How they brought in the key people to step up their business
  • [35:37] Strategies with regards to content marketing
  • [38:02] Strategies to get speaking opportunities

Key Takeaways:

  • There is an opportunity for any company out there to run a crowdfunding campaign, whether it be reward-based with a physical product or potentially equity-based.
  • The unfortunate side of running a Kickstarter campaign is basically you see the worst of anybody. It’s hard to point out what’s wrong with their product or why things are not working, but it’s a conversation that you have to have.
  • There’s a lot of pre-launch work that needs to be done in order to have success in a business.
  • It’s expensive to bring a product to market. It takes about 2 to 20 years of product development before a product gets manufactured, QA tested or UL approved. But many people have this misconception that it can just be made very quickly and cheaply in China.

Action Steps:

  • Be transparent with everything that goes on internally and externally for your company.
  • Focus on the categories that you’re an expert in.
  • Keep educating yourself and understand how crowdfunding works and how these types of campaigns are unique and challenging on their own.

Roy said:

“You don’t bring an opinion to a data fight.”

“There’s no better time to start something than today.”

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