How Dollar Beard Club Grew to $11M in One Year

In today’s episode, Alex Brown shares the strategies he used to grow Dollar Beard Club to $11M in one year, sell over 1.7M boxes, generate 200M viral video views, and how he convinced Dan Bilzerian to promote their products. Tune in and learn from his journey!

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  • What’s the story of how The Beard Club came to be? [01:37]
  • How many years did it take before it felt like they had some traction and success? [06:40]
  • What was their strategy for building their email list of 15,000 people? [08:02]
  • Why did they choose to work with influencers and how did they build relationships with them? [10:41]
  • If someone is looking to get into influencer marketing, how should they negotiate rates? [12:55]
  • How did Alex get connected with advisors who are really influential and how does he create relationships with them? [14:48]
  • How did they first build their brand through video marketing? [16:48]
  • How did they get things lined up in order to launch the brand? [19:10]
  • How did they find the manufacturer to make their product? [25:40]
  • What was it like for Alex and his partners to grow the business so quickly? What were some of their lessons learned? [27:51]
  • What were the strategies they employed when it came to customer retention? [31:41]
  • What’s the one thing that they did that Alex thinks had the biggest impact on the growth of The Beard Club? [36:43]

“Aligning with people that were in the influencer world was our biggest secret to success there.” — Alex Brown

“Just really having the ability to know where you’re going and to attract people to that vision is super huge.”— Alex Brown

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