How FitAid Grew to Become a $21M Nutritional Drink Business

Learn the strategies Aaron Hinde used to grow FitAid into a $21M a year business. He shares how they were able to sell in 50% of Crossfit gyms across the US and in retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, GMC and more!

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  • How did Aaron come up with his business idea? [01:35]
  • How did he go from having this idea to actually creating a nutritional drink company? [02:47]
  • How did they come up with the formulation of a drink that’s healthy but tastes good? [03:42]
  • What did they do when it came to working deals and packaging their products? [05:31]
  • Among their multiple initiatives, how did they choose what to focus on? [06:00]
  • How did they get their sales on their first year? [07:22]
  • How did they start acquiring these different Crossfit gyms? [07:59]
  • What was the offer that they created for these Crossfit gyms? [08:52]
  • How did they follow-up on those offers and figure out the follow-up sequence? [09:33]
  • What did they find discouraging when they first got started? [10:42]
  • How did they develop their customer list and figure out the right persons to contact? [11:28]
  • How far did their strategy scale their business? [12:12]
  • How did they handle the product distribution? [12:38]
  • How did they increase re-orders and making sure people are recognizing their product ? [13:44]
  • How do they get consumer feedback to improve their product? [14:37]
  • How did they figure out what works for their company? [18:27]
  • What were the growing pains like of going from six figures to seven figures so quickly? [19:55]
  • What kind of team did they put in place to support their growth? [24:25]
  • How does Aaron manage his employees and how does he get better at it? [26:58]
  • What was their strategy in raising the money to scale the business? [27:50]
  • What made their partnerships work well? [30:41]

“The real skill set is looking at what’s working in unrelated industries and how can you apply that to your industry with your own flavor on it, speaking to your audience in a very authentic voice.” — Aaron Hinde

“Make sure that you have traction prior to burning the ships on the shore.” — Aaron Hinde

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