How LeadMD Grew to $5.6M with Clients Like Forbes and eBay

LeadMD is a bootstrapped marketing agency who have helped over 3,000 high growth and enterprise clients like Forbes and eBay. Having started in 2009, they’ve implemented over half of the Marketo user base and last year they generated $5.6M in sales! Tune in as Justin Gray shares their success story and more!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [05:35] Figuring out your customer type and bridging the gap between knowing the type of customers you want to serve and actually getting them
  • [08:00] Partnership strategies and how to get good results
  • [10:40] How LeadMD figured out their pricing model, why they chose to put their pricing on the site, and how they engaged their customers
  • [15:00] How to productize services
  • [17:33] Nailing down your hiring practices and the core values to look for when hiring people
  • [23:56] Training people to be able to deliver success for your business
  • [26:56] LeadMD’s content marketing strategy

Key Takeaways:

  • When you’re a bootstrapped organic business, you can’t afford to spend time anywhere that’s not going to yield some type of result.
  • There’s a high degree of customization that comes in when you’re working client to client, especially in the enterprise.
  • There always comes a point in the hiring process where you can’t be involved in every interview or get the entire team’s input. That’s the point where you have to have your hiring practices really nailed down.
  • With content marketing, it’s about targeting the right content at the right buyer at the right time.

Action Steps:

  • Work with a partner by embedding your business into their processes
  • Productize your services by defining them, identifying the milestones that go with each product, determining the tasks that roll up to those milestones, and putting a default value of time.
  • Deliver consistent outcomes and outputs by consistently training consultants and providing an accurate baseline scope.
  • Hire people focusing on their fundamental traits and personalities.

Justin said:

“Skills can be taught, they can be augmented, but someone’s personality traits cannot.”

“Customer sentiment and putting people in the organization towards managing the customer relationship is critical.”

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