How Michael Lovitch Built a $40M Company With 350k Customers

Michael was a special education teacher before he went on to found 3 multi-million dollar companies including one that reached $40M in annual sales with 350k customers. Learn how he did it in this episode!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [01:28] Michael’s transition from teaching special education to entrepreneurship
  • [07:33] Copywriting and creating profitability through ads and affiliate marketing
  • [12:44] Starting out with AdWords and working with partners to provide more value
  • [16:24] Why you should build a team, train them and have a system in place
  • [22:32] Michael’s journey with Hypnosis Network
  • [26:50] How Michael started RealDose
  • [30:42] Developing the products for RealDose and building the inventory
  • [34:40] Media buying and getting the business going
  • [40:12] Baby Bathwater and what it’s all about

Key Takeaways:

  • You can reverse engineer anything.
  • You might do all right with finding some opportunity, but if you’re not really into it, you’re going to burn out fast. Don’t just look to make some cash but create a business with something you really care about.
  • Create something great and something that you’re proud of. So when you’re doing media buying and getting people to try it, you don’t feel sleazy in any way because you know that it’s true, you’re not lying because you know it’s the best.
  • Don’t neglect your email list and keep providing them with good content. Once you have a big following, people will want to partner with you.

Action Steps:

  • Find something you’re really into and build a business out of it.
  • Keep your list warm with really good content.
  • Build a team around your business, train them how to do things and create a system for people to follow.

Michael said:

“Make something you’re proud of that works.”

“Grind, but document as you grind and start to bring people on early.”

More from Michael Lovitch:

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Hypnosis Network

Dr. Hyman

RealDose Nutrition

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