How Tanga, a Daily Deals eCommerce Site Grew to $27M Using Affiliates

In today’s episode, I interview Jeremy Young, who has sold multiple online businesses for 8 figures. His current business, Tanga, generates over $27M in revenue a year. Tune in as he shares his journey, and learn how he built these businesses without driving his own traffic or raising money.

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  • What kind of business is Tanga? [1:37]
  • How did Jeremy come up with the idea for his first business, Virtual Servers, and how did he get started? [02:00]
  • How did Jeremy grow Virtual Servers? [03:34]
  • How does Jeremy go about finding good partners? [08:19]
  • How did Jeremy sell his first company? [09:51]
  • How did Jeremy come up with Uberplay? [10:40]
  • How was Jeremy able to make the connections he needed to start Uberplay? [11:21]
  • What did Jeremy do to build relationships within the board game industry? [12:35]
  • How did Jeremy get started with Tanga? [15:50]
  • How was Jeremy able to get traffic to sites in order to push the daily deals in Tanga? [16:11]
  • How does Jeremy reach out to new people and how does he reach out for best-price deals? [21:11]
  • What were the major milestones or breakthroughs that enabled Tanga to scale up to $2M? [24:19]
  • How does having a customer dossier work for Tanga? [26:35]
  • What are the two ways for a business to reach consumers? [29:25]
  • What are the strategies for becoming profitable on a customer’s first purchase? [30:18]
  • How long did it take for paid traffic to work for Tanga and what did they do to make it work? [31:24]
  • What did Jeremy do to turn things around at those time when he felt like he was going to fail? [32:07]
  • What is the difference between bootstrapping and raising money, and when is the right time for each of those? [34:15]
  • Why is the right culture fit an issue? [36:44]

“If they don’t fit your culture, get rid of them. Find someone that does.” — Jeremy Young

“Know what your limits are and get out when you should be getting out. — Jeremy Young

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