How The James Agency Went From $250k in Debt to Building a $4M Agency

Veronique James was $250k in debt and couldn’t afford to pay for gas when she first started The James Agency. She focused on donating her time to nonprofits and leveraged those relationships to go on and build a $4M integrated agency. Listen now to hear the rest of her story!

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  • What inspired Veronique to get into business? [01:21]
  • How did two-and-a-half years of experience working in an agency helped Veronique start her own business? [06:16]
  • When did Veronique start thinking about starting her own business? [08:40]
  • How did Veronique’s personal life impact her decision to start her own business? [09:50]
  • What did Veronique do to leverage networking groups and get her first few clients? [14:04]
  • What was it like for Veronique to work with contractors? [21:25]
  • What are some of the lessons that Veronique learned the hard way? [25:05]
  • How did Veronique’s business take off to a $1M revenue? [29:53]
  • How does Veronique build recurring revenue into her business? [37:14]
  • How does Veronique make her agency model work? [39:10]
  • What were some of the major things that Veronique did that got her to $4M today? [42:55]
  • What’s the one thing Veronique did that had the biggest impact on her growth? [46:09]

“I feel like my 20s were my years to make mistakes and learn. My 30s are to apply what I learned in my 20s. Hopefully, in my 40s, I can coast.” — Veronique James

“Pay attention to everything. That’s the most important thing.” — Veronique James

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