How a Personal Trainer Launched a Multi-million Dollar Skincare Line

We’ve got an extraordinary episode for you today as I interview my good friend Kevin Gianni who shares with us his story of how he started out as a personal trainer to becoming a health blogger, and finally launching Annmarie Skin Care, a multi-million dollar skin care line that is currently on an eight-figure run rate. It’s an episode that’s packed with some really actionable strategies, so let’s dive in!

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  • How did Kevin come up with the idea for Renegade Health? [02:03]
  • What was different about what they were teaching to people as personal trainers? [03:00]
  • What was Kevin’s goal in building an online community and an email list? [06:37]
  • How did Kevin come up with the world summits? [07:30]
  • How did Kevin start writing books? [11:34]
  • How did Renegade Health start opening an online store? [11:53]
  • How did Renegade Health generate traffic? [13:54]
  • What did Kevin realize about operating in the information business? [16:53]
  • What is the challenge of the information business? [17:34]
  • What did Kevin realize about the product business? [18:02]
  • What inspired Kevin to create Annmarie Skin Care? [24:44]
  • What were the challenges in launching Annmarie Skin Care? [26:38]
  • How did Kevin figure out what products to create? [28:20]
  • How did affiliate offers propel the Annmarie Skin Care business? [30:17]
  • How did Kevin set up a solid affiliate offer? [31:51]
  • How did SEO help Kevin increase traffic in his product’s website and how did he capture more leads? [36:00]

“What I learned fairly quickly but not quickly enough is that with the information business you’re selling pixels for the most part and pixels are really cheap.” — Kevin Gianni

“Go where the people are and bring some over to you” — Kevin Gianni

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Resources mentioned

An Introduction to UltraWellness by Mark Hyman

Ultraprevention by Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis

Ryan Lee

Dan Poynter Books

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