7 Reasons to use Wistia for your Business Videos

By 2019, internet video traffic will make 80% of all consumer traffic online. 55% of people watch videos online every day. When making a purchase decision, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the process.

Video as a content form is getting bigger every year. Whether it’s for entertainment or marketing, on social media or website landing pages, video seems to be the future of content marketing. Back in 2006, two MIT graduates launched Wistia, a platform where filmmakers were able collaborate online. Over time, Wistia became the leading video platform for business. As an alternative to other popular video hosting platforms (YouTube, Vimeo), Wistia caters to a specific audience and makes sharing videos for business efficient and easy.

Today, we’ll go over some reasons why Wistia is a great solution if you want to use video for your business.



Traffic comes your way

Your website is your calling card and the primary source of lead generation. Why would you waste its potential and drive visitors some place else? If the person watching your video clicks on a link and goes to YouTube, you’ve lost them for good. If you use Wistia, you can embed the video directly on your landing pages, ensuring your visitors stay on your site.

On the other hand, if you drive clicks to YouTube, there’s several adverse effects. First, YouTube gets all your hard-earned traffic. Second, they will place ads on your videos. These ads could be for your competitors’ products or for something completely unrelated. Either way, you are creating unnecessary competition for yourself. If your primary aim with video is to get as many views as possible, YouTube is the better solution. With Wistia, you may get fewer views, but they will be more valuable and those visitors will be more likely to convert. Perhaps the only situation where you would prefer traffic on YouTube over your site is if your customers primarily interact with your company and goods offline. However, even then, it’s a good idea to have video content on your site as well.


You can track everything

If you’ve ever used YouTube, you know the analytics it provides. You get insight into the basic video stats such as the number of viewers, where they come from, watch time, average view duration, likes, dislikes, comments and shares etc. While this is good information, it is of little use to a business.

On the other hand, Wistia gives you everything you need to track engagement in detail. Using heat maps, you can get up close and personal see what each individual viewer did during your video. This includes information such as play rate, number of plays, total hours watched, where users rewound or skipped your video. Want to get even more information? You got it.

wistia heat map

Wistia allows you to see the viewers’ device type, IP address, the page they came from, network name, email address, time of the day they watched the video, what percentage of the video they watched, when they clicked on a call to action and much, much more. As you can see, Wistia’s analytics are immensely powerful and allow you detailed information about those who watch your videos.


Marketing abilities

If you take your website seriously, you have at least one lead magnet, landing page and call to action. But what if you could take it one step further? Wistia’s videos enable you to insert calls to action directly into your video. You can make this CTA lead to your product or sales page or wherever else you prefer. Of course, you can also track your calls to action in Wistia’s analytics.

wistia call to action

Email is still one of the best ways to market your products, even in 2018. Getting to your visitors’ emails is the hardest and most important part of the path to conversion. Wistia can help you with this as well. Email capture forms make collecting email addresses easy, but you cannot use them with standard video players. Wistia allows you to put up a capture form at any point you like in the video. Whether it’s before the video, in the middle or once they’ve finished watching, you can set up Wistia so that the viewer cannot continue until they provide their email. In order to make the whole process flow smoothly, Wistia also has a number of integrations with email marketing software solutions, such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and others.

Speaking of email, you can also embed Wistia videos in your email newsletters. Whether you want the recipients to play the video in the email or direct them to your landing pages – the possibilities are endless.

The video player can be edited to great lengths, from dimension to colors and buttons in the embed window.


Advanced SEO features

In pure technical terms, hosting your company’s video on YouTube is not a good solution for SEO. Even if your video is hosted both on your site and YouTube, chances are high that Google will rank the YouTube video higher in search engine results pages. Once more, you’re driving people away from your site.

Not only does Wistia solve this by hosting videos directly on your site, it also offers a range of other features. As Wistia state themselves, just hosting a video on your own site does wonders for SEO. The platform automatically injects a JSON-LD file in your page. If you don’t know what this file is, it sends a host of different parameters about your video to Google. These parameters include: video title, description, length, transcript (if you have one) and the thumbnail. For each video you upload to your page, all of this metadata is included. For detailed overview of Wistia’s SEO features, check out their documentation – it’s extremely helpful.


Your videos look exactly the way you imagined

It’s not really hard to imagine an embedded YouTube video. The fact is – they all look exactly the same. The only factor you can influence is the thumbnail, and even that is very limited – you can only choose one of 3 offered thumbnails. Wistia takes video player customization to an entire new level. Want something completely custom for your thumbnail to increase engagement? The possibilities are endless with Visia. Pick any frame of the video you want or choose an image to insert as thumbnail – it’s a piece of cake to do. If you want to insert a comment in the video in the post-editing state, you can do that as well – time-coded comments are super easy to insert.

wistia customization

Speaking of appearance, you never really have worry about how your video will look across platforms. All Wistia videos are optimized across the board, so your video will look amazing, no matter what kind of device it’s viewed on.

If you’re not sure whether to try Wistia or not, we strongly suggest it for the sake of trying out the player customization, if nothing else. WIth just a few clicks, you can make your video look drastically different. With the free Wistia trial, their banner will show up in the player – it goes away once you upgrade to a paid plan.


Soapbox as an easy video solution

Branching out from simply hosting videos, Wistia created Soapbox, a free Google Chrome extension which enables you to record, edit and share videos directly from your browser. Much more than a simple webcam recorder, Soapbox offers a range of features that make it great for personal or business uses. You can switch between the webcam and screen recording and edit your video immediately once it’s recorded.

wistia soapbox

Similar to the full Wistia editor, you can customize Soapbox as much as you like. This includes changing the player color, size, create a custom thumbnail, and even get a link to share the video on its own.

Soapbox is great if you want to record a short video to send to friends or family, but it also has great potential to be used for business. You can use it instead of meetings, phone calls, excruciatingly long emails, to pitch ideas to partners and investors, etc.


There’s always a helping hand

If you take a few minutes to research Wistia on Google, you’ll find tons of positive reviews for their support. However, chances are you won’t even need to reach out to support. Wistia’s help documentation is one of the most thorough of all the websites I visited in years. Of course, all the walkthroughs and instructions are in video form.

Now that you have a Wistia video on your site, you’re well on your way to generate fresh leads. But if you could amplify your lead generation even more? At LeadQuizzes, our quizzes have generated over 3 million leads for our 7,500 customers.Try it out for yourself today!

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