The Value of Evaluation – A Perfect Employee Evaluation Form (Samples)

They say your company is only as good as its employees. But exactly how good are your employees? If only there were some way of measuring their performance, with the aim of improving their overall happiness and motivation. Sure there is. Ever heard of an employee evaluation form?

Why Perform Employee Evaluation?

It’s essential to show your employees they are valued as an integral part of your company. Not taking proper care of your employees can cause you to end up with a bunch of unmotivated and uninspired employees just slacking off from 9 to 5. This may have an even more adverse effect on your company than you may realize at first. 

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Studies have shown that motivated employees, in most cases, mean greater productivity. In fact, they show that happy and motivated employees are up to 12% more productive. Nevertheless, according to a Gallup’s research, a staggering 70% of American employees are not reaching their full working potential, which slows down the economic growth and causes the country to lose $450 to $550 billion a year.


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What can you do to keep your employees motivated? The first thing you can do is fill out an employee evaluation form. Get down to the root of the problem. Identify the issues they’re dealing with and learn how to overcome them. Find out more about their expectations and what they’d like to achieve in the foreseeable future. Once you learn those things about your employees, keeping them motivated should be a piece of cake (which actually might not be a bad idea for employee motivation).

 So, in order to show your employees how highly you value them, you first need to evaluate them.


What Questions to Ask During the Employee Evaluation

When creating an employee evaluation form, you should always try to tailor it according to your own specific needs. However, there are certain questions that have found their way into almost every such form ever. In order to receive quality feedback, you need to be asking all the right questions. Here are some things you could question (along with several question ideas for each) when evaluating the performance of your employees:

Personal growth

  • Do you feel there are enough opportunities for personal growth at this company?
  • How satisfied are you with the level of autonomy given to you by your manager?
  • How challenging do you find your everyday work activities?

 Relations with managers and co-workers

  • How often does your manager check in on your work progress?
  • On a 1-10 scale, how close are you to your manager/co-workers?
  • If you were to choose a co-worker or a team member to coach you on a specific topic, who would you choose and why?
  • How are you impacting the people around you?
  • Who would you like to get to know better in the company? Tag them here if you want to go out for a coffee.
  • How often do you go out for lunch with your co-workers? 
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Company alignment

  • How well do the company’s values align with your own personal values?
  • If you were running the company, what would you be doing differently?
  • In your opinion, what are top 5 qualities to look for in new hires in terms of organizational culture fit?

Workplace conditions 

  • Is your working environment too noisy?
  • Are you satisfied with your current benefits package?
  • What would an even more joyful workplace culture look like to you?

Overall happiness and wellness

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Neil Patel co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISS Metrics

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  • On a 1-10 scale, how happy are you with your previous week at work?
  • What inspires you to succeed every day?
  • At the end of the day, do you leave work feeling happy?
  • How would you describe your eating habits?

 Feedback and recognition 

  • How helpful is the feedback you receive from your supervisor when it comes to completing your everyday tasks?
  • When was the last time you got recognition for your work?
  • The last time you were praised, did they explicitly state what they were praising you for?

How to Perform Effective Evaluation (Employee Evaluation Form Samples)

The worst mistake you could make, when performing employee evaluation, is to be tying it to their pay. This kind of evaluation should be used to simply evaluate an employee’s performance in order to help them improve, and in no way should its results affect their salary. 

A good introduction to employee evaluation could be to get the employees to perform self-evaluation beforehand. In other words, you should make some room for self-reflection too, as it’s important to get an idea of how they see themselves.

Another important thing that makes a good employee evaluation form is to enable the employees to give constructive feedback. If they identify something as a potential issue, always make sure to ask why is that an issue and how they would solve it.

There are two main types of an employee evaluation form – open-ended and scorecard-based.

Open-Ended Employee Evaluation Form

With open-ended evaluation, you don’t really keep scores and measure performance through ratings and numbers. Here’s an example of a minimalistic open-ended employee evaluation form: 

open-ended employee evaluation form

Actually, it may be a good idea to start the evaluation with several open-ended questions like these, to get the employees talking and initiate the discussion, and then see where it leads you from there. Hopefully, to an honest and meaningful discussion about the employee’s overall performance and the ways it can be improved.

Some companies, however, may consider this approach too informal. Or maybe they prefer getting the results that can actually be measured and compared. That’s where scorecard employee evaluation forms come in.

Scorecard Employee Evaluation Form

This form of evaluation uses a scorecard rating system. You can decide for different rating systems (in our example, the ratings range from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest), it’s only important to keep it clear and simple. It’s always a good idea to add descriptions to the scale so that it’s completely clear what each of the ratings stands for. 

scorecard employee evaluation form


Here, you should make a list of criteria you’d like to evaluate your employees for, such as quality of work, relationship with co-workers, communication, etc. Of course, leave some room for additional comments and remarks if needed. The scorecard employee evaluation form is generally considered to be more formal than its alternative.

How to Automate the Evaluation Process

Remember the times when you had to do everything manually? Luckily, those times are way behind us. Most businesses nowadays can’t afford the luxury of having the time to deal with tedious everyday tasks. You’d like to focus on tasks that require more intelligence and creative thinking. This is why we look to automate all the business processes that can be safely automated.

Although it wouldn’t be advisable (nor completely possible) to fully automate the evaluation process, as it will always require some human-to-human interaction, certain parts of it could be safely automated. 

leadquizzes zapier integration

The first thing you could do is to use the LeadQuizzes software to create a customized employee evaluation form. The next thing would be to set up a Zapier email to go out periodically (weekly, monthly, annually, it’s up to you) with a link to your own LeadQuizzes employee evaluation form. Voilà! In two simple steps, you’ve just saved yourself tons of time. You may also want to learn more about the many benefits of integrating your app with Zapier.

How to Act on Employee Feedback

One of the most important things about employee evaluation is communicating the overall results and taking necessary action on the basis of the obtained information. When embarking on the employee evaluation journey, always have in mind that your employees are highly likely to be skeptical about your intentions behind the survey even before it had started. In fact, studies have shown that 4 out of 5 employees think their manager is unlikely to take any action on the basis of survey findings. 

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So, first you are expected to convince them that this employee evaluation form is not a dead letter, and then you need to prove so by taking meaningful action after the evaluation.

After you’ve got your employee evaluation forms filled out (be aware that somewhere around 70% or more is a good target for the response rate in such evaluations), you’ve just made the first step. The next one is to review the feedback you received and act upon it.

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Doing evaluation just for the sake of doing it leads you nowhere. It’s just a waste of paper, time, digital and human resources. Once you’ve identified potential issues, make sure to investigate them in more detail, and try fixing them, as it is likely to benefit everybody at the company.

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For example, if one of the complaints your employees had was that there was too much noise at the workplace, maybe you could try getting noise-canceling headphones for everyone at the office. Any such step towards improving the overall working conditions and employee motivation is expected to benefit your company long-term.

The entire purpose of employee evaluation is to learn what you can do to improve your business and enhance the performance of your employees. In order to obtain that information, you’d want to create a perfect employee evaluation form. Now that you’ve read this article, it should be a piece of cake to do so (not the one from the beginning of the article, you’ve already used that one to increase the employee motivation).

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